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to the info page of Cosmo & Nanu! Cosmo & Nanu is an artistically and affectionately created picture world, accessible through different forms of media and in various languages.

Clicking on the link „to the Childrens´web platform“ will bring you to the multilingual and interactive website, enabling children till approx. eleven years of age to get to know about their environment in the world of net entertainment, and indeed actively and interactively by investigating and participating by themselves.

The contents are freely accessible and without advertising. They are editorially controlled, so that parents can leave their children to surf safely on the Cosmo & Nanu’ website.

The comic strip about Cosmo and Nanu is published in regular intervals and inspires children to inform us about their wishes and ideas for future publishing.

Apart from the comic history, children have the possibility to express themselves also about other areas of the website – with its own web-diarama on the entrance page, the forum and comments about different subjects – which are left over to their own creativity.

The children can occupy themselves with Cosmo & Nanu, not only on the web, but also in the mobile world of Smartphones and with gadgets of today's life.

Because Cosmo & Nanu is directed primarily to young children, we have deliberately avoided the direct binding of the Childrens´web platform to the social network Facebook.

However, we would be glad if you as an adult recommend Cosmo & Nanu in your social nets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ....! Thank you!

The editorial team